For Young (age 4-18)

Private lessons for students aged 4-18 are 30/40/60-minutes in length, depending on the student’s level.

During your complimentary interview, I will select a curriculum that works best for each student based on their age, prior musical experience, and personal goals.

The goal of every lesson is to learn how to understand and enjoy music. Lessons are designed around each student to provide personal instruction and each lesson is centered around the student learning the basics of music and the piano.

The curriculum includes solid foundation of note-reading, rhythmic skills, ear training, music theory, historical and cultural awareness and artistic expression.

For Homeschoolers

Music is a vital part of our lives.
The studio offers a full musical curriculum for homeschoolers.

The Curriculum includes,
– Basic musicianship skills such as note-reading, rhythmic skills, ear training, music theory, so that the student will be able to enjoy music for a lifetime.
– Music history that includes not only learning about famous composers but also listening to their music and knowing the historical and cultural background.
– ear training, improvisation, and music composition.

Contact me for more informations.


For Adult

Whether you have taken lessons in the past or are beginning for the first time, Never too late to learn!
Adult students choose a weekly, 45 or 60 minutes private lesson.

Lessons are designed around each student to provide personal instruction. Repertoire for each student is carefully selected based on student’s musical experience, personal goals, as well as personal interests.

Beginning Adult students selecting a private lesson will benefit from one of several excellent courses available, such as the Accelerated Piano Adventure series, Adult Piano Adventures, or Alfred’s Basic Adult All-in-One Course.  Both offer optional companion CDs, for listening and play-along experience.